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What Can You Do with an MSBA Degree?

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Meet the Growing Demand for Analytics Professionals

Develop the skills to help you become a leader within your organization by showing how insightful data analysis can solve business challenges and drive innovation. Designed to meet employer needs, the Wake Forest online business analytics master's degree helps you gain the expertise desired in the leaders of tomorrow.

A Valuable Degree to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Data scientist consistently ranks high for demand, opportunities for advancement, and salary.1 According to Glassdoor, career opportunities in business analytics are considered some of the best in the U.S., and data scientists and analytics managers rank among the highest-paying jobs.2

In fact, the market is expected to continue growing3:

  • The Big Data Analytics (BDA) market is expected to reach $105.08 Bn by 2027.
  • The BDA market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% through 2027.

Best Jobs in the U.S. Include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Program Manager

Source: Glassdoor

What Skills Matter Most to Today’s Leading Companies?

Organizations in nearly every industry are increasingly reliant upon experienced professionals who combine technical expertise with interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. In a 2020 survey on how skill demand will shift in the next 5 years, corporate recruiters predicted that managing strategy and innovation, managing tools and technology, and interpersonal skills would experience the greatest increased demand.4

Industry Needs Analytics Experts with Soft Skills

A text-mining study of 600,000+ analytics job ads found that communication and interpersonal skills were by far the most mentioned.5 Meaning, the demand is high for professionals who can not only analyze data, but also put it to action through influential leadership. The Wake Forest MSBA can help you gain the right blend of these top-mentioned qualities to enhance your value within your organization:

Skill Demand
Communication and interpersonal skills 61%
Managerial skills 33%
Database 33%
Business domain 29%
Modeling and analysis 23%
Tools 23%

Career Paths in Business Analytics

Business analytics careers at today’s leading employers include the following, many of which are expected to grow much faster than average for most of this decade6:

Learn more about how skilled business analysts contribute to operational excellence.

  • Program and Marketing Manager
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management Consultant
  • Pricing and Revenue Optimization Analyst
  • Analytics Manager
  • DevOps or Data Engineer

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Jordan Bean Headshot

Jordan Bean, MSBA Graduate

Decision Science Manager, Starbucks

Business analytics helps you understand what is going on in the business; you need to know how to do the work yourself and how to manage the team that does it. That’s what this program really hits on. 

Alex Dober Headshot

Alex Dober, MSBA Graduate

Manager, Sales Analytics, ADP

Since beginning the program, I have moved into a management position. I'm now looked at as someone who can bring new ideas to the organization. 

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